AR10 Mag Pouch for PMAG20 and PMAG25

So I did a thing and built an AR10. I bought the lower and about twenty PMAGs (a mix of 20 and 25 LR/SRs) in late October of 2016. You know, back when Hillary! was inevitable and before the Russians hacked the election. Or something.

Anyway, I built the lower into a 16″ AR10 in .308. Then I realized that I had all these magazines and no mag pouches, which isn’t really a big deal because it’s not like I’m humping a ruck through Tora Bora, ya know? I go to the range and back, and that’s basically my use case.

But, you know, the NorKs could EMP us and then what?! I’d be carrying my PMAGs in my pockets?

So I searched high and low to find a mag pouch that fits the PMAG25. I almost bought a set from Condor or somesuch, and it turns out that steel AR10 mags fit but the PMAGs decidedly do not.

The NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta was upon us, so I decided to wait until then to find someone who made what I wanted.


That’s the Tactical Tailor Fight Light 7.62 Double Mag Panel. Yeah, it says 20rd but those are PMAG25s in there. Works for both!

I figured I’d make my annual blog post be something useful for someone else.

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