I… wow…

So, one of my seriously left leaning friends that is anti-gun posted the following picture with the comment “Not what I like to see at work……”

Me, being the smartass that I am, commented “The fact that both the definition for rifle and shotgun are wrong?”

To which she replied:

“Well, I wouldn’t know, I just see guns like that and all I can think is, “how many children could that gun kill before the police could arrive?” I just want there to be fewer of them around people who don’t play well with guns.”

So… apparently, she gets upset merely seeing pictures of guns on a page in the more sterile environment possible.

I knew that this level of hoplophobia existed, it’s just jarring to actually see it in action.

3 comments to I… wow…

  • Wraith

    Why would she want the police to arrive? They have GUNS!!

  • The_Jack

    Yeah, hoplophobia does exist this extent

    But note that this level of hoplophobia is /actively/ preventing even the most basic education on guns. Note that her fear of guns is so high that learning about guns is nearly impossible, because even black and white pictures are too much.

    From such a POV even the most sterile and abstract attempts to go “Okay here’s what that law would actually ban” or “Here is the legal status quo” or even asking “Well what law do you advocate for?”

    Can be seen as a /hostile/ attack. If someone is struck with a fear of dead children in reaction to picture of a caplock, then they wouldn’t react well to a picture showing how an assault weapon is actually defined.

    Which may explain why /some/ gun control advocates are so hostile to learning about firearms and react with such vitriol when presented with information about firearms and firearm law.

  • CyberBubba

    So does she feel the same about grocery stores and Ice Cream shops?
    They do more damage over a long period of time.

    Yes that is full of sarcasm, The only one of the three that I am giving up is the Ice Cream shops.

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