Well… that went differently than expected

Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks hosted the Second Annual East Tennessee Blogger Shoot this past weekend.  I’ll try to do a proper write-up of it soon, but I wanted to make sure to mention a couple things.

I actually went with the desire to shoot a little .32acp derringer and a Ruger LCR in .357mag.  Both of which I knew were going to be there.

My desire was to fire them and get the desire to buy them out of my system.  “The more you know about guns, the less you want a derringer,” and “no, you really don’t want a .357 snubby, just get the .38 and save some money” are statements I’ve heard many, many times.

Actually firing them has not done this.

Shooting the derringer just made me giggle and have a desire to keep feeding it.

The LCR with full power .357mag?  “I cast FIREBALL!”

I probably need help.

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