For those going to NRAAM next week.

You’re probably already aware of the bridge collapse on I-85.

Apparently, the southeast side felt left out, and I-20 decided it would be fun to randomly buckle upwards.

Atlanta traffic is “fun” when there isn’t major road issues. Prepare for insanity.

Why I Don’t Carry a Dedicated Defense Knife

I think we’ve all seen or heard people advise folks that you should always carry a defensive knife that’s razor sharp and never use it as your EDC knife for opening boxes, etc. I just don’t buy it.

First off, there’s a simple issue of carrying one more thing. I already carry my gun, keys, […]

Repairs and thoughts on an AlienGear holster

For the past couple years, my go to IWB holster has been an AlienGear CloakTuck 2.0 holster. It’s a rather affordable hybrid holster that has a plastic shell attached to more flexible backing. The most common material used for this kind of backing is leather (and that is what the original AlienGear holster uses), but […]