The Army goes Sig

A non-gun geek friend of mine actually brought this to my attention.  Apparently, the Army has finished it’s trials for a replacement of the M9.  They’ve decided to go with the Sig Sauer p320.

As a Beretta fanboy, I’m sad to see the M9 replaced, but the Sig is a damn good gun.  The M9 was a great gun in the 80’s, but there have been improvements since then.  Specifically in ergonomics an modularity.  The M9 fits great in my hand, but I have freakishly large hands.  Of course, I find the M9 a much nicer looking gun, but that doesn’t really matter to the military.

The Sig has been on my list of guns that, if I could justify another full sized 9mm, I would buy.  Heck, I might anyways.

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  • DOD

    The Beretta fits my very small (for a male) hand too, and I can actually hit the target with it. The switch is a multi-million dollar waste of money. Probably fomented by somebody who can boast of leading a big project when bucking for promotion.
    DOD Retired LTC

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