Fun with Headlines–“I can’t even” edition

Play the game yourself.

1) Go to a major news outlet’s website. 2) CTRL+F “Trump” or “Ban” 3) Click on the link 4) Read the headline, the story, and the comments 5) Go find the source material: Documents or video.

That’s it. Who knew I had discovered “Fake News” long before Fake News […]

The Army goes Sig

A non-gun geek friend of mine actually brought this to my attention. Apparently, the Army has finished it’s trials for a replacement of the M9. They’ve decided to go with the Sig Sauer p320.

As a Beretta fanboy, I’m sad to see the M9 replaced, but the Sig is a damn good gun. The M9 […]

Good reason to carry a spare

So… when putting my carry gun in the safe last night, I discovered that the magazine wasn’t in the gun!

Apparently, when I ran out to the store to pick up stuff for dinner last night, I had managed to hit the mag release. Went back out to the car, and it was sitting there […]