But that sort of thing never happens here!

So… apparently there was a shooting yesterday at an intersection I’m at almost daily at the beginning of rush hour.  For reasons still unknown, a misunderstood gentleman with multiple active warrants decided to fire from his car at the car next to him, striking the driver who’s now in critical condition.

This intersection is a few blocks from me.  My bank is at that intersection.  My wife was late to our TaeKwonDo class because she left about 30 minutes after the incident, and got stuck in the traffic back up caused by the investigation.

The area of town I live in is generally considered a nice working class area.  Not the richest neighborhood by a good bit, but an area where folks don’t think twice about letting there kids walk down the street, etc.

Oddly enough, I was just telling someone that there’s no where where crime doesn’t happen, just where the percentages are different.  Just a friendly reminder to keep your eyes open out there.

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