Assorted Thoughts

In no particular order…

  • First off, thanks to Anne from Widener’s for sending me a marketing email that wasn’t just some intern or virtual assistant compiling a list of bloggers’ email addresses and then blasting something out. She actually read the blog and started off her email with a funny comment about semiblogtirement. I LOL’d.

    Widener’s has come out with a Smokeless Powder Guide. I am not a reloader because 1) I don’t have time to reload, 2) I don’t have anywhere to do it, and 3) if I had the time, it would probably be better spent shooting. 🙂

    I did take a look at it and I LOVE the pictures. I learned a lot, too.

  • The Grendel shoots like a boss. I’m talking like 3/4 MOA.
  • I finally bought an AR10. Sort of. LGS had an Aero Precision M5 lower for $199 so I bought it–then the co-worker who tagged along bought one, too.

    I’m a terrible influence, I know.

    This will end up being the gun that answers the question: If you could only take one gun to the zombie apocalypse, what would it be? An 18″ AR10 with a Tac-Con 241 and a Primary Arms 1-8 ACSS scope.

  • To paraphrase Glenn, they told me if I voted for John McCain, Americans would still be fighting and dying in Iraq in 2016, and they were right!

  • Why would anyone ever need a gun on campus?

  • I can’t take credit for this phrase, but it’s too bad the only people who were able to predict this were racists and haters.

  • I’m on Instagram now. Mostly it’s 3D printed Jeep stuff and pictures of my kids screaming for no particular reason.
  • Speaking of 3D Printed Jeep Stuff, here’s my store. I document my design work on IG if you want to know what I’m working on. Right now the focus is on reproduction Infinity Tweeter Pods. They’re rare, people want them, and they won’t be god-awful expensive to make.

That’s about all I have time for right now.

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