And you wonder why we don’t trust you?

[Since a number of folks shared this post I made on Facebook, I feel like I should repost it here]

If you’re wondering why pro-gun folks are so mean and do everything that they can to stop “common sense” measures like assault weapons bans*, look no further than Massachusetts. They’ve had an AWB that mirrored […]

Random thought of the day

I was listening to some older episodes of Handgun Radio, and got to episode 121, where they were talking about the “Ring of Fire” guns and other “Saturday Night Specials. It got me thinking.

I know there was a time when .32acp, .25acp, and other calibers that are now considered woefully under powered rounds for […]

It’s true because I say it is!

Presented without comment–the current CNN front page:

Don’t Be That Guy

For the past couple years, I’ve taught a self defense class at a summer camp at a local university. It’s one of those academic camps that could be considered “summer school for smart kids.”

As I was getting ready for class last week, one of the other instructors (I believe he was teaching iPhone photography) […]