Overheard at NRAAM

*I show off one of my latest knife purchase*
“Damn, Oddball. How many knives do you need?”
“How many magazine do you need?”
“… good answer.”

2 comments to Overheard at NRAAM

  • DOD

    You may be the only high school student ever to have teachers ask you to bring a blade to school.

  • DOD

    Remember my bolt action Marlin .30-06? Big bang? Also, my buddy Paul got a .357 revolver
    for Christmas from his 1st wife and their kids. I think it’s a S&W, and Paul finds it
    manageable, at age 80. Needs one of those “Delta” grips though, cuz the trigger guard bites his finger. Going to Gaylord this morning to visit him, and kill some paper at the range.

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