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While my mind is currently focused on heading to Louisville for NRAAM, I figured I’d throw up this quick post.

A little while ago, a buddy of mine asked me what my top 3 gun wish list was at current date.  I couldn’t really answer him at the time, but it’s been peculating in the back of my head.  So… here’s my attempt to answer that.

  1. a “modern” centerfire bolt-action.  Oddly enough, I don’t have a bolt action rifle that’s not in .22 that was built in my lifetime.  While I enjoy my Mosin Nagant m39 and my Ishy Enfield is great for a milsurp bolt gun, I do want to eventually do things like the Boomer Shoot.  That pretty much requires a modern bolt gun with a good scope on it.  The Remington 700 used to be the default for this, but I’ve been steering clear of them due to their current QC issues.  Maybe a Savage Axis II?  Or even that new Ruger Precision Rifle?  Then there’s the question of caliber.  .308 would be good, due to it being something I already keep in stock, but I’m not averse to arguments for other calibers.  Especially since, from what I’ve read, .308 is kind of on the bottom end of recommended calibers for the kinds of distances you see at the Boomer Shoot.
  2. a snub nose revolver.  Like the #1 pick, this is to fill a hole in my collection.  Thinking a S&W in either .38 or .357 just to keep control commonality  with my Model13.
  3. 12ga coach gun.  There’s just something about a double barreled 12ga that hits my giggle button.  And grabbing a shorter barreled one just hits it that much more.  Of course, if I ever thought I could justify the cost, Chiappa’s Triple Threat would be awesome.  If 2 barrels is good, 3 is better… right?

So… what do you think?  Honestly, #3 was difficult to choose.  I still need to get into black powder at some point, and a replica navy revolver kit would be damn nifty.  As would one of those “build your own Kentucky rifle” kits.  I think I’ve got the pocket gun bug out of my system… for a while… all those NAA Guardians make me giggle…  There are other guns that I would happily take if handed to me (a Barrett .50cal, for example), but I tried to limit this to ones I could actually see buying.  Anyways, this is just the top 3.  Doesn’t mean that there aren’t more. 🙂

So, what’s on your list?

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  • SD3

    Uberti 1885 high wall in 45-70 with ‘pistol grip’ and 32″ octagonal barrel.

    Man, that’s purty….

    • oddball

      While I don’t really have a desire for a single shot lever action, I think just about anything from Uberti is in the “yes, please” category.

  • The problem I’ve had with two Ubertis (top break and Colt lightning) is that they only eat expensive ammo.
    I tried Magtech and Remington green box, both .45lc, and the Lightning only fired maybe 10% while the top break maybe 70%.
    They both fired 100% of the Hornady I tried.
    All the “duds” worked in a Ruger New Model Blackhawk.

    .45lc is expensive enough without having to use Hornady.

    I love coach guns too. There’s just something about a short, double-barreled 12 gauge that makes my heart go pitter patter.

    • oddball

      The Jack has a top break that he’s had converted to .45acp using moon clips. I don’t think he’s had any issues with it. Of course, he also reloads.

  • Well let’s see.. 3 that I want but don’t have…

    There’s that 10.5″ m16 in 458 SOCOM that I shot once 8 years ago and still have wet dreams about, so that’d be on the list. Incidentally, I was looking at that upper today for a pistol lower, and even put it in my cart. Nothing says “no seriously, fuck you” like a 458 socom pistol.

    24″ 6.5 Grendel because I don’t have an AR10.

    And also an AR10 🙂

  • JCook

    Once Kalashnikov USA gets to building them, I want a Vityaz.

  • Bigcatdaddy

    The Savage model 10 is a much better firearm than the new crappy 700’s the model 10 BA is really good but very pricey.

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