Overheard at NRAAM

*I show off one of my latest knife purchase* “Damn, Oddball. How many knives do you need?” “How many magazine do you need?” “… good answer.”

Top 3 wants

While my mind is currently focused on heading to Louisville for NRAAM, I figured I’d throw up this quick post.

A little while ago, a buddy of mine asked me what my top 3 gun wish list was at current date. I couldn’t really answer him at the time, but it’s been peculating in the […]

East Tennessee Bloggershoot After Action Report

Last weekend, I packed up my gear and headed to Oak Ridge for the first East Tennessee Bloggershoot hosted by Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks. For those that have never been, it’s a beautify part of the country, and I highly recommend visiting. Especially if you can manage to get a tour of the national labs […]