Actually getting to the range

Last weekend, WizardPC and I went to the local state run rifle range.  While I’ve been keeping up with my pistol shooting, I have to admit that I let my rifles collect dust.

He had recently inherited a Winchester 30-30 recently, and needed to try out his new .300blk AR with suppressor. I will have to say that the suppressed AR was all sorts of giggle worthy.

That said, I damn near hit the mag release on the AR while loading it like a n00b that doesn’t own 2 ARs and has put a good amount of rounds down range through them.  Wizard, on the other hand, had sever issues getting the ammo shoved into the loading gate of the Winchester.  I will say that we both did well with the bolt guns we brought…

Remember years ago when Wizard introduced me as a guy that’s more into old guns while he’s more up on the modern stuff?  Yeah… apparently things haven’t changed too much.

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