Problem solving in 2016



The 12lb AR (which is down to a more reasonable 9lbs lately) is losing its spot as the home defense rifle. It’s being replaced by the 300blk sbr I built last year.

The sbr has a Hogue free float tube that had been given to me several years ago but had been sitting in my parts bin ever since.

I am a firm believer in “every home defense gunshould have a light” but the old Hogue tubes don’t have any attachment points.



I have digital calipers, design software, and a 3d printer.


An hour later…



Cost me about a dollar in material and electricity, and took about ten minutes to design. No, it’s not a permanent solution. No, it probably wouldn’t do very well in a sustained firefight.

But man, that’s cool.

4 comments to Problem solving in 2016

  • Patrick

    Great work. You can use the 3D print to make a silicone/latex mold and then fill with a high-strength resin. Post-mold options exist with some resins to heat treat for increased tensile/flex strength. You can do it in the oven. Been there, done that. Also, the one good mold can be used many more times.

    Check out for lots of resins, plastics, foams and silicone. These guys are tops, have great products and sell to anyone at low or high volume. They have an enormous gallery of projects and extensive online education resources. No, I don’t work for them but they have helped me in the past with oddball stuff. They seem to like the oddball stuff, and seem gun friendly. Plan to spend a lot of time geeking out on their site.

    Good luck.

  • I’m sure you’ve considered it, but could mark, drill, and tap holes to attach a section of rail to the handguard.

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