Really? This is still a thing?

The other day, I tripped over an article that had a title along the lines of “In Defense of Revolvers.”  I read it expecting to see the usual “they’re more reliable!” and the extra power that revolver magnum loads offer over semi-auto pistols.

The thing the guy centered on?  That apparently semi-autos are apparently too complicated for your average person.  Not to clean, not to do a detailed strip, but just to operate.

Really?Think how complicated it is to operate a pistol.  How many super tactical courses grill people on what the mag release button does?  There’s a reason.  Actually operating a pistol is dead simple.  Doing so with high precision, and at speed?  Not so much.  Of course, the same is true about revolvers (possibly more so).Now, think about the fact that the average person manages to drive a car, use a computer, and other much, much more complicated tasks everyday.  Driving a car requires constant minute adjustments to both steering and speed, while watching the world around you to see what’s going on.  People do this every day while fiddling with the radio, talking on the phone, and even putting on makeup.  Heck, I’ve seen a lady reading a picture book to her kid in the back seat.I have nothing against revolvers.  If you like revolvers, and they fit your requirements, awesome!  Just don’t try to tell me that my pistol is some puzzle box that’s too difficult to operate.

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