I… got nothing…

Headline: “Naked Man With A Gun Shoots Up A Quiet Neighborhood” (beware, the link autoplays a video about the NHL Allstar game in Nashville for… reasons)

Summery: Naked man running around in in the middle of the afternoon waving a gun around and shooting at random.  Cops show up, and, in a remarkable show of control, wait for him to run out of ammo, taze him, and then send him to the hospital for self inflicted gunshot wound to his knee.

Some choice bits:

witness statement: “It was one of those things where you think: What did I just see? It was one of those what happened kind of moments.”  Can’t argue with that observation

“Police said Cadari told them he may have used some drugs laced with something he didn’t expect which led to his behavior.”  Yeah… that would explain it.

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