Of all the stupid things…

So… apparently Nashville has decided to kick out the gun show that has been running regularly for 35 years at the Fairgrounds.  There reasoning?  Beyond the usual pants wetting hysteria, they were able to link 3 cases of people possessing firearms bought from there being naughty since 2011.

Less than 1 a year.

I can tell you from personal experience that there’s plenty of business going on at every one of these shows.  Less than 1 a year is the definition of “statistically insignificant.”

Not only that, but these cases aren’t “guy buys gun, go out, and shoots up school.”  Two were “prohibited person possessing” cases, and one was a guy that was caught apparently smuggling arms to Australia (no indication if he was a prohibited person at the time).

Here’s the thing.  Everyone that bought a table at the Bill Goodman gun show at the Fairgrounds and sold guns held FFLs (policy of the folks running the show).  There were also always at least a couple cops either at the door or wandering the floor.  The only folks that were selling guns without background checks were the handful of guys that showed up to do incidental private sales.  I would say that there’s a better selection of guns sold without the check in the local classifieds.

On the other hand, this is not an area that is lacking for gun shows.  If there’s not at least one show withing a 30 minute drive of me on any given weekend, there will be the following weekend.  It’s just a question of whether it’s in Nashville, or one of the surrounding counties.

Here’s the link to the story.

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