Well… I guess there is interest

Well, that’s at least the second person to ask me if there’s going to be a Bidet Shoot 3 this year, so… I guess I should try to figure something out.

Of course, it won’t be this month, since next weekend is the only weekend in June I’m not already doing something, and I’m not going to have time to plan anything anyways due to being a director of Hypericon (in… uh… two weeks?!).  Anyways, the folks that attended last year talked about wanting to maybe move it to the fall to try to avoid heatstroke.

Maybe September?

Also, the location for the first two shoots is great, but I would like something a bit closer to me.  Anyone know of a range that wouldn’t mind us taking over one Saturday in the Nashville area?

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  • JCook

    The guy who runs the Charlie Haffner range (formerly Owl Hollow) might be up for it, but I would assume at least one member would need to be there.

    You could also try the Green River Gun Club in Bowling Green, KY. About an hour north from here. I hosted a couple of HKPRO shoots there several years ago, and they were cool about it. Here is a link to their site:


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