You have got to be $^*@ing kidding me!

I’m having a hard time seeing straight over this one.  Apparently, Memphis and Nashville are planning on still banning guns in certain parks, even after the state passed the law saying that they can’t.

Just to catch people up, the final language of the law stated that a carry permit holder can carry in a city park, with the exception that you can’t carry in “the immediate vicinity” of a school event (baseball games, etc).  If you wander up on one by accident, you can legally turn around and leave upon learning of the event.

This is apparently confusing for some people.  The city of Nashville is in the middle of building an amphitheater in of our river front parks, and the folks that are contracted to run the concert venue have a policy that they ban weapons at all of their venues.  What’s Nashville’s Metro Director of Law’s response to the question of banning firearms in a facility on park grounds? “We’re in the view that we can probably prohibit weapons in the new amphitheater.”

Oh… he has logic!  You’ll love his logic!  See, the law also refers to “areas owned, used or operated by a local government ‘for recreational purposes,*'” and, in his view, going to see a concert isn’t recreation!



Direct quote from Metro’s DoL Solomon: “When we think of ‘recreating,’ it’s somebody going out and doing something, not somebody sitting around,”

The article also states that it’s “still unclear” if the city will ban guns in the park around the concert venue, or if they will ban guns in the amphitheater when there’s not a concert going on.  Here’s a thought…. the state law says that they can’t!

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