5.11 has kilts again, but….

The good folks over at the Firearm Blog have noticed that 5.11 have brought back their Tactical Duty Kilts.  I thought they had decided to give up these limited runs after not making a new announcement for April Fools.  I’m curious if they got a bunch of email asking about.

I bought a couple of these when they first came out with them.  If you missed it, and are interested, I wrote a comparison between them and my Utilikilts here.  At the time, I thought that I got my money’s worth at $60, and even wasn’t against them at $70.  This time around, they’re $80 a pop.

I’m thinking I’d tell people to pass on them at $80.  As I said in the review, there’s not many pleats in the 5.11 kilts.  This means that there’s not a whole lot of material to cover things that should be covered.  It’s fine when walking normally, but you have to pay attention when sitting, and it can be a noticeable issue when running, climbing, etc.  At the $60 mark, there wasn’t really anything like it out there at that price point.  At the $80 mark, there is.  If I was going to drop $80 on a new tactical/utility kilt, I’d probably go with UTKilt’s “Wild Outdoor/Wilderness” or “Ultimate Utility” kilts.  I don’t own one, but I’ve seen them both on the rack and on people, and they have more material and look at lot less like a “pencil skirt for guys” than the 5.11 kilts.  Heck, if you’re ok with not having the front slash pockets (think “normal” front pockets on pants), you can get utility kilts for that price point or less from several places (or traditional tartan kilts, for that matter).

edit: forgot to mention that TFB stated that they saw 5.11 kilts going on ebay for $260+ during one of the times that they weren’t in production.  Are you freaking kidding me?  I could buy a Utilikilt or Alt.Kilt for that money!  Wait… who wants to buy mine?  Only $250 a pop!

4 comments to 5.11 has kilts again, but….

  • Still cheaper than a Sport Kilt!

    • oddball

      Well, not cheaper than their baseline model, but if you want pockets, etc it quickly does pass the $80 price point.

      By the way, I have one of their “the works” kilts with added slit pockets, and it’s quickly become my “bumming around the house” kilt of choice.

      Oh… and there are a few companies that make tartan kilts with cargo pockets, just in case anyone’s thinking about it. I don’t think I’ve seen one that’s done well and looks good.

      • I have a blackwatch Sport Kilt Works and I like it a lot. But it was just expensive enough to not be worn too casually.

        The 5.11 have that “heck with it” get them filthy and toss them in the washer aspect…

        • oddball

          Heh. Fair enough. I guess after a few years of wearing Utilikilts ($300+) on a regular basis, my idea of what an inexpensive kilt is is a bit different. :p

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