A little late, but….

The guns in parks bill is finally signed!

Of course, I was hoping for it to be signed and in effect before NRAAM, so we could have a cook out, but that didn’t happen.

Also, I love how my wonderful mayor has stated that he will “work with the Metro legal department to better understand how the law could be enforced.”  Umm… it’s quite simple.  See that guy in a park with a gun on his hip?  Is there a school event happening in spitting distance? no? Then leave him alone!  Oh, there is one going on?  Tell him he’s got to leave and why, and, assuming he follows your orders, that’s it.

I may double check the language to make sure that this thing instantly goes into effect (which is the original language), and go visit a park this weekend.

Edit: I have been asked for a link to the actual bill, which can be found here.

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