A little more info for those coming to the NRAAM

I figured I’d add a little bit of an addendum to Wizard’s Urgent Reminder:

1.  Nashville is essentially in a giant bowl.  The only way to get out and not go up hill is pretty much to jump in the river (I do not recommend jumping in the Cumberland).  This means that Nashville is one of the worst places in the country for allergies due to lack of air circulation beyond this bowl.  This being the beginning of Spring, and the trees liking to fornicate, everything currently has a lovely pollen yellow/green coating.  Oh, and the prediction is for Friday and Saturday to BE WORSE.  If you have allergies at all, remember to pack your Sudefed or other medication of choice.

2.  The Nashville Convention Center and the Music City Center are two different places.  NRAAM is at the Music City Center.  The good news is that, if you go to the wrong one, you’ll only be a couple blocks away.

3.  Please note that Nashville has decided that it’s best to just go ahead and close down a couple major roads downtown due to the convention.  Yes, these are roads remarkably close to the convention center.  Please plan accordingly.

4.  Hope you guys have fun, and I’ll hopefully see a number of you there.

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