This article is on the front page of CNN right now.

It’s about how Iraq’s military can’t seem to get their act together, which is allowing ISIS to thrive.

The author found a way to mention Bush, but the word “Obama” isn’t anywhere in there.

2 comments to Interesting…

  • DOD

    We all know that any failure by BO’s regime is Gearge Bush’s fault, don’t we? The precipitous pullout of our troops following BO’s failure to negotiate a status of forces agreement surely did not aggravate instability in Iraq, did it?

  • JCook

    I believe that it’s nothing more than a scam by the Iraqi government, local tribal leaders, and other groups that get free money from the U.S. As long as they seem to be on the ropes, they know that we will keep sending billions in “aid” money. If they ever proved to be competent at defending themselves, Uncle Sugar’s cash would dry up fast.

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