Well… good.

Looks like the “guns in local parks” bill in TN passed the house earlier today. The senate is set to vote on it in the morning. Interestingly enough, this bill states that it will take effect upon passing, so, assuming Governor Haslam signs off in a timely manner, it will take effect before the NRAAM.


Yeah… no.

A left-wing buddy of mine posted a link to this article on Facebook and stated “I can’t wait to learn if this was a permit-holding ‘responsible’ gun owner.”

I was able to quickly tell him “uh… no.”

See… as the law stands right now in the state of Tennessee, you can’t legally carry without a […]

Seen at Lunch


This article is on the front page of CNN right now.

It’s about how Iraq’s military can’t seem to get their act together, which is allowing ISIS to thrive.

The author found a way to mention Bush, but the word “Obama” isn’t anywhere in there.

EDC knife: never leave home without it

I was helping a friend pull an engine from the local junk yard for his truck this weekend. This typically means that you’re going to have to cut a couple hoses and a belt or two. It was also useful to push the valve to check to see if the A/C system was still pressurized. […]