Rule 5

Apparently after Kid #2, you’re bandwidth-limited to one post per month.

Don’t try to catch a falling gun.

Gunshot interrupts Smyrna town hall meeting:

A gunshot rang out in a Smyrna town meeting on Thursday night, causing a brief moment of panic.

It was business as usual as Police Chief Kevin Arnold gave a briefing to members of the town council.

“And so we have some volunteers who will be manning the records division,” Arnold said before he was cut short by the sound of a gunshot.

Arnold sprung into action to investigate what happened in the lobby.

Well, that sounds exciting!

Lt. Earl Barnes was providing security and his gun accidentally went off when it hit the floor.

Less exciting than I was expecting, but exciting nonetheless. Strange that they issue guns that aren’t drop-safe, don’t you think?

“His handgun caught on the chair, and as he stood up, he realized that his gun was falling out,” Arnold said. “And he went to grab it before it hit the floor. And when he did, he accidentally discharged a round off into the floor.”

Oh, so, what you’re saying is that it didn’t go off when it hit the floor, it went off when he pulled the trigger. Well, I’m glad that no one got hurt. We just need to get that officer some more training.

Barnes is the head of the SWAT team with 25 years on the force.

Wait, what? So how did this happen?

Arnold said Barnes had responded to an armed robbery earlier in the day. When he holstered his weapon, it didn’t lock into his holster.

Uh huh.

He will face disciplinary action.

Well at least there’s that.

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