Slightly unnerving

As you may know, I bought a Kahr CM9 a couple of months ago and it came with an extra magazine. Since the CM9 is a 6+1 9mm, I pocket carry the spare mag.

Well yesterday I went to the range and when I pulled out the magazine, I was greeted with this:


Yeah so that would NOT have been good if I’d needed it. But there was something else slightly more disturbing:


That’s the five rounds that were in my six round magazine. So I lost one somewhere.

So I just ordered this. Now I know why they make them.

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  • Ghost Rider 6

    An LC9 in a Bob Mica pocket holster serves as my backup gun. I used to carry two spare mags in the opposite side thigh pocket of the cargo pants I normally wear, and I often had the same undesirable results from doing that as shown in the photo. Unable to find what I wanted in a concealed magazine pouch commercially, I made my own.

    Using scissors, two sections cut from a plastic milk jug, a stapler and some black duct tape, it took me about 10 minutes to construct a rectangular, two compartment mag pouch for the LC9 magazines. It fits perfectly into the thigh pocket of my cargo pants; keeps the mags separated and protected from dings; presents them vertically and properly oriented; and prevents them from printing. It has proved very durable for the several months I’ve used it almost daily, and if necessary, I can slap another layer of duct tape onto it. Or spend 10 more minutes to make a negligible-cost replacement.

  • lucusloc

    I too learned this lesson in exactly the same way (the lost round turned up in the wash). I found that a spare leatherman holster works great for a mag holster (I use the cloth variety for one of the thinner models). I carry the spare on my belt next to my other tools. Everyone just assumes it is another mundane tool (which it kinda is).

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