Sometimes it’s the little things.

This past Tuesday night, I saw a post on a buddy’s FaceBook page that his computer’s CPU fan had died, and he was wondering if anyone knew where he could get a new one locally for cheap. It was an older chipset (AMD socket 939), so he was thinking he might have serious issues finding […]

Slightly unnerving

As you may know, I bought a Kahr CM9 a couple of months ago and it came with an extra magazine. Since the CM9 is a 6+1 9mm, I pocket carry the spare mag.

Well yesterday I went to the range and when I pulled out the magazine, I was greeted with this:


Gun Porn: Thanksgiving Edition

Turkey day? How bout a Turkey Gun*?

Browning Auto-5. And you know who designed that, right?

*I’m not a hunter, so that could be a deer gun for all I know. Or duck. Or whatever.

Yeah… we’re that kind of household

Summery of call from wife: Help. Need to get into car. Bring swords.

Gun Porn: Benelli M1

SureFire Forend

GG&G Charging Handle

Update your scorecards: How to get fired from the LAPD

Shooting up a blue Toyota Tacoma containing two Asian women after mistaking it for a grey Nissan Titan containing a lone black man: Get more training

Release audio tape proving you didn’t say the racist things you’ve been accused of saying: Get investigated by internal affairs, suspended, and expect to be fired

Gunblog VarietyCast Episode 12

It’s up!

Alarming discovery in a small shop in NYC

The wife and I recently took a trip to NYC, and we stepped inside a shop on 5th avenue to check out what they had. It was a nice Italian designer of outdoors clothes.

As you can see, pretty upscale. This picture was taken from the second floor. Here’s a shot of that floor.

The […]

Gun Porn: Handgonne

Shut up and take my money

Last month, I asked the guys in #GBC if someone made an AR Trigger that used the auto position for a match trigger (2.5lb-ish, short travel, for distance shots), and the semi auto position for more of a standard 4.5lb-ish trigger for running around. Someone thought that Tac-Con’s 3MR did that, but upon investigation we […]