K2KC week 3

DSCN0616Third week and, well… I’m on the board, but not very far.  Oddly enough, not many folks have actually asked me about the kilts.  Of course, part of that is that I tend to disappear into the background anyways.  And since I’m not particularly photogenic, we decided to throw one of my cats in for this picture.

And, of course, can’t let this month go by without posting this song:

All the fun stuff aside, I am doing this for a serious thing.  Roughly 1 in 6 men will get prostrate cancer.  The good news is that there’s a high chance of successfully treating it if it’s caught in time, so, if you’re a guy of a certain age, go get checked.  Also, if you could, please donate at this link (http://kiltedtokickcancer.org/donate/) to help support research on how to better treat it.  If you do, please mark off that it’s part of a team donation and choose Team Oddball.  Thanks.

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