Week 2 of K2KC!

So… week two, and here’s a newer picture:

IMG_3629By the way, that’s the one “traditional” kilt that I currently own.

Also, here’s another kilt themed song:

Hmmm…. I wonder if I could find a sombrero and some maracas…

On a more serious note, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year.  Fortunately, it was caught early, and they were able to go in and get it all out.  Unfortunately, many guys don’t go in and get the tests when they should and aren’t as lucky.  That’s what this is all really about.  Making sure guys know to get tested, and research to find a cure.

If you can, please throw a couple bucks towards the cause here.  Please make sure to check off the box that says that this donation is part of a team, and choose “team oddball.”  Thanks.

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