Last day of K2KC

Well, it’s the last day of me wearing a kilt for a good cause, and here’s an actual action shot:

That’s me changing out a turn signal light on my mom’s car at the local AutoZone.

Speaking of a good cause, it’s not too late for any of you to chip in for prostate […]

Gun Porn: Buckmark Rogers

Browning Buckmark with Fire Sights and an A2 Birdcage

If it looks familiar, it’s because you’ve seen it before. And here is oddball’s review of those sights.


K2KC week 4

Well… we’re in the final stretch of Kilted to Kick Cancer month, and… um… I’m nowhere near the top of the list. Of course, this is about raising money for a good cause, and every bit helps. Hell, I’ll just pretend that the donations that weren’t assigned to anyone were actually mine and feel better. […]

Gun Porn: Trophy Match

Pretty. So, so pretty:

I’ve owned a couple of 1911s (and shot many more of course), but I’m not a 1911 guy. This one, however, makes me want to get another one.

K2KC week 3

Third week and, well… I’m on the board, but not very far. Oddly enough, not many folks have actually asked me about the kilts. Of course, part of that is that I tend to disappear into the background anyways. And since I’m not particularly photogenic, we decided to throw one of my cats in for […]

Slow load times, etc

All of the sites on my hosting account are getting hammered pretty hard by bots in China and Russia. This is resulting in some pretty awful site load times. I’m banning IPs as fast as I can but it’s not fast enough…

Gun Porn: ‘Murrica

Start with a Marlin Papoose…

Add a… wait, what now?

You can’t be serious….

Oh Lord, I think he’s serious.



Review: KelTec CL43 flashlight

One of the things I picked up at the NRAAM was one of KelTec’s CL43 flashlights. The folks at the KelTec booth were nice enough to give me one for review. This particular one was used as a demo by one of the guys working the booth. When I received it, the batteries were pretty […]

Moar Podcast Goodness!

Episode 3 of the GunBlogVarietyCast is up!

Oh, and now it’s even in iTunes, for those of you who have one of things with technology that’s only 3 years older than what’s currently in Android!*

*I kid, I kid….

Week 2 of K2KC!

So… week two, and here’s a newer picture:

By the way, that’s the one “traditional” kilt that I currently own.

Also, here’s another kilt themed song:

Hmmm…. I wonder if I could find a sombrero and some maracas…

On a more serious note, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. Fortunately, it […]