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What if the BLM officers involved in the Bundy Ranch thing had reacted the same way Ferguson officers did?

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  • @sdo1 (Twitter)

    Any officer at the Bundy incident get attacked with resulting facial fractures and then seconds later get bum rushed by the attacker? If not, no comparison.

  • Freiheit

    I think it could be argued that Bundy didn’t escalate like Ferguson for a few reasons:

    1) Everyone knew if it escalated much further it would be really really bad for everyone. A Cold War standoff isn’t good, but you have smaller body counts when there isn’t a disparity of force
    2) Bundy Ranch folks (excepting the nard pictured here) seemed generally understand the four rules. The protestors and police in Ferguson may have some trouble with that
    3) Someone who makes the active decision to arm themselves is making an active decision to do something about at least one aspect of their life and take ownership of themselves and their own situation. I honestly haven’t been able to determine if that kind of “I’ll take care of myself” attitude exists in Ferguson or if they’re more of an Occupy attitude where someone else has to do something for the mob
    4) No one died prior to, during, or after Bundy. That changes the stakes. Land and liberty is important but I think that most Americans react differently to dead bodies than they do to principles no matter how important those principles are.

    I’m trying these arguments on for size. Not sure if I agree with myself yet.

  • Good points.

    Another was that the Bundy Ranch was not in a situation of active violence, or destruction and the crime was one of zoning and land usage.

    Thus there was less of a “gloves off” for the police as at the time there was not an active threat in progress.

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