Overheard in #GBC and dumb laws

The_Jack: Yes, ponder that.  You can make your own guns, but you can’t toss some booze in the freezer.

For context, we were talking about the possibility* of making home made applejack.  If you’re going to be proper and old school about it, you freeze distill apple cider.  Unfortunately, while you can make beer or wine for your own consumption without running afoul of the law, you can’t distill a drop without a license.  And, yes, freeze distilling counts just as much as using a still.

So… you can legally build your own gun legally, but you can’t leave a bottle of cider in the freezer for too long, or leave it in the trunk of your car overnight on a cold winter night, or…

*purely theoretical.  I am strongly in the camp of not doing anything that might make the BATFE upset with me.

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