Recall box from Remington is on its way

Eight weeks after I submitted my brand-new Remington 700 for the trigger recall, I got confirmation that the box I’m supposed to use to ship my rifle back to them is on it’s way to me.

Should be here by Tuesday.

I’ve been meaning to post about the recall but been kinda busy.

I hope […]

Gun Porn: AR SBR

mmmm sbr

Magpul CTR Stock Magpul MOE Grip Magpul MOE RVG Aimpoint CompM2 (?) LaRue M68 CCO mount (Discontinued?) YHM Phantom 5.56 Flash Suppressor I can’t readily ID the rails but I assume they’re free floated



So… my dad just ordered something for me from a certain holster maker for my birthday.

Now to patiently wait for August to arrive. Apparently these things take time and Dennis is a busy guy.

Conversation with an Apple Fanboy

Yesterday there was some conference or something. Guy that sits next to me spent most of the morning reading Engadget and watching some presentation by that guy that’s not Steve Jobs.

Him: OMG! The new versions of iOS and OSX will allow you to answer phone calls on your computer!!!

Me: Oh, like Google Voice?