I think there’s a new policy in the Nashville Police Department

I’ve been noticing a lot of stories over the last couple of years about MNPD officers being decommissioned for misbehavior. As I understand it, “suspended with/without pay” leaves the officer with the ability to carry a gun everywhere and other perks of being a police officer, but decommissioning removes all the superpowers.

I don’t recall any decommissionings during the last chief’s employment, but it happens A LOT now. Arrested for DUI? Decommissioned. Hit your wife? Decommissioned. Having mid-shift, er, meetings with a woman in a park? Decommissioned.

So last Friday when Officer Nathan Silvers showed up 15 minutes late to his shift drunk, it came as no surprise that he was decommissioned. His Sergeant and his Captain made the decision to decommission him, drive him home, and have him report to HQ first thing Monday morning.

What did come as a surprise was the Chief’s reaction when he woke up Saturday morning and found out about it.

He decommissioned and immediately suspended the Sergeant and the Captain because they didn’t arrest the officer for DUI and illegal possession of a firearm*!

I’m pretty sure Chief Anderson is sending this message: “No, seriously you guys, I’m not going to tolerate this crap. If you see a brother officer committing a crime and turn a blind eye, there will be repercussions.”

The Captain took early retirement and the Sergeant has received a 15 day suspension.

Good for the Chief.

*TN State law says you can’t be in possession of a firearm if you have any alcohol in your system. There are no exceptions for police.

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