And it’s off

My Remington 700 is on its way to New York to get the trigger pack fixed.

Correspondence from Remington says it’ll be 2-3 weeks from the time they receive it, which will probably be Monday. Add in Independence Day and transit times and I’m probably looking at mid-July before I get it back.

That puts it at 3 months from the time I submitted my serial number for recall to when I might get it back.

And I only shot it once.


1 comment to And it’s off

  • bigcatdaddy

    I think Remington has known about this problem for awhile now. I bought one of these some time back and when called about the so called adjustable trigger not only would they not talk to me about it they claimed it voided my warrenty when I adjusted it. As soon as I asked a question about the trigger the rep could not get me off the phone fast enough. I was terribly dissapointed in this rifle and got rid of it right away. Sorry for your pain.

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