So… my dad just ordered something for me from a certain holster maker for my birthday.

Now to patiently wait for August to arrive.  Apparently these things take time and Dennis is a busy guy.

2 comments to yay!

  • Steve in TN @sdo1

    Wish he would make stuff for my favorite carry weapons…

    • oddball

      You could always ask him. Custom does mean custom, after all. Worst he can tell you is no.

      I met him at the NRAAM. He’s a nice guy, and I got the impression that he really tries to make his customers happy.

      Hell, he was even willing to talk to me about making a pocket holster for a full-sized 1911. He told me why he didn’t think it was a good idea, but said he’d be willing to make one for me if I was willing to drop the cash on it. I probably will once I get the money flow going in the correct direction again.

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