Dumb criminal of the day

We often see failures in the victim selection process, but this one really takes the cake.

You see, our intrepid young entrepreneur decided to get some capital for his new street corner pharmacy by using an online ad to lure unsuspecting citizens into a robbery.

Now normally this would be a pretty good business plan. Every week I see stories where someone shows up with $3,000 cash to buy a two year old SUV with 14,000 miles on it, only to be robbed of the money when they get there. Likewise, smartphones are stolen on a fairly regular basis when the seller hands the phone to the prospective buyer while the buyer is sitting in his car with the engine running and the car in gear.

This genius decided to rob people selling…guns:

A teenager was arrested Wednesday night in connection to two gun-sales related robberies this week.

Jeffery Duncan III, 18, allegedly committed both robberies in the 1300 block of Quail Valley Road, not far from the Elm Hill Marina.

The victims told police they posted handguns for sale online and were contacted by a potential buyer to meet at specific addresses on the road.

Police said the first robbery occurred Sunday afternoon when the victim arrived at the predetermined location where Duncan allegedly robbed him of two firearms at gunpoint.

After the first one went well, he decided that he had a viable business opportunity here. The second one didn’t go so well:

The second robbery occurred Monday afternoon when the victim fired one shot in self-defense and Duncan reportedly returned fire.

The victim was not struck. Duncan drove himself to a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound, was treated and released.

Authorities stated Duncan admitted to partaking in both robberies.

I mean, really. Out of all the people to rob, you chose people you know, for a fact, are armed? I get that there are some people who might just have the one handgun, or don’t have carry permits, but seriously?

One of the stolen guns was recovered inside his Quail Valley Road residence.

I give up.

3 comments to Dumb criminal of the day

  • Of the groups of people to rob, one would think those that you know for a fact have at least *one* gun in ther possesion would be lower on the list.

    The odds of them being armed with another gun, at that very moment are much higher than most other groups you could rob.

    Heck, I know a fiar number of people that will bring a friend when doing a sale just to have backup or, more likely, another witness.

  • I only sell to folks I know oddball, or at gun shows. If I were to do a sale like this I’d have someone with a rifle doing overwatch. It’s just too dangerous, and having someone right there with you is no guarantee of safety, or even of the perps getting captured. They still haven’t caught the guys that killed that victim.

  • No argument here. And yeah it’s not a gaurentee of safety, I’ll think it could help the odds.

    Gunshow is an interesting idea, if only for the furball that would happen if someone tried to do that durring one.

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