Protip: Web Developer Edition

If you’re going to limit your password field to 12 characters on your login page, you should probably also limit your password field to 12 characters on your registration page.

Related: As a general rule, if you’re going to have criteria for passwords, it’s probably best to let the user know that.

That way you […]

A lot has happened

I went almost a month between my last two posts. Hopefully that won’t happen again (although I’m two sentences in to this and have already had to stop a half dozen times to deal with either the tactical dog or lilwizard, or both).

Mostly I’ve been chasing down a problem at work that had a […]

That moment when you know things might go sideways

Had one of those “fun” experiences last night.

We had a buddy of mine over last night for some bad movies and dinner. This particular friend has never bothered to get a driver’s license, which means that I picked him up and dropped him off at his place.

He lives in a lower income neighborhood. […]

Dumb criminal of the day

We often see failures in the victim selection process, but this one really takes the cake.

You see, our intrepid young entrepreneur decided to get some capital for his new street corner pharmacy by using an online ad to lure unsuspecting citizens into a robbery.

Now normally this would be a pretty good business plan. […]


Looks like Linoge is at it again with the funny T-shirts. Seems to be leveled at about my level of blogging.

Bidet shoot news

I’ve just sent an email out to folks that have shown interest in coming to the shoot. If you want to come and haven’t seen anything in your mailbox by this afternoon, check your spam filter and then let me know.

oooo…. shiny….

So… I think I found the knife I’m going to get when July 1st rolls around and switchblades are legal in this state.

I mentioned that I’m childish about some things, right?