Annnnnd it’s been signed!

Looks like the bill that legalizes buying/owning/possessing switchblades and carrying knives over 4″ has been signed and is now law. Well, not immediately. The law will take effect July 1st.

Looks like I’ve got a few months to figure out what auto knife I’m going to be buying.

Long overdue ARFCOM HTF shoot AAR

On 3/22/14, James (he of Bidet Shoot Fame) and I went to the Tennessee Hometown Forum Spring Shoot put on by Precision Multigun in Cookeville, TN.

It was fantastic, problems with my new Remington 700 notwithstanding.

There are actually several ranges on the property. The first one we went to had a 230 yard […]

Yep… that’s all that’s needed…

Most of the camping hammock equipment I own is made by ENO. One thing I like about them is the warning label they put on their products. The full warning reads as follows:

“Using any hammock carries an inherent risk. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, USE WITH CAUTION.” (emphasis theirs)

Yup… I think that covers it.

Well… it’s official!

Looks like I’m going to be going the the NRA convention. I guess the big question is to pack the kilts or not.

Gun Porn: Slidefire and EOTech Epic Fail

Alternate title: Why you need BUIS 😀

This rifle was one of the ones at the ARFCOM TN shoot.

Pretty, ain’t she? Slidefire, Magpul MVG, Magpul MOE Handguard. Beautiful.

But there’s a problem.

The EOTech (either an XPS2 or an XPS3, I can’t tell) had it’s lower piece of glass just kind […]