NRA Anual Meeting round up

This year marked the first year that I’ve attended one of NRA’s yearly conventions. It also marked the first time I’ve ever been to a convention where I was part of the media. It felt kind of weird, but the NRA and the vendors in the exhibitor’s hall really do seem to like us bloggers […]

Speaking of get togethers…

I know a bunch of folks are getting ready to head to Indy for the NRAAM (myself included), but I thought I’d mention the Bidet Shoot 2 again.

We are definitely on for June 20-22. I think the hotel we stayed in last year worked out well, so we’ll be there again, and I believe […]

Because F you, that’s why

A little while ago, my dad got me a late Christmas present (late because it’s actually hard to find one).

It’s the one on the right:

From left to right: 7rnds, 10rnds, 25rnds, 75rnds!

Yep… that’s a 75 round drum mag for Marlin .22 rifles… like my 795

Or my Papoose

It’s […]

Apparently life is cheap…

…or at least, it’s cheap to hire someone to end it. A woman and her mother hired a couple guys to kill her father for $400. That’s a hell of a lot cheaper than what Hollywood hitmen typically get. The movies usually have the price set somewhere between the tens of thousands to the millions.


5.11 Kilts are Back

Apparently 5.11 has decided to bring back their tactical kilts and make a new video for April fools this year. As of today, they’re taking orders for them. Same as last year, they’re asking $70 for them with $10 going going to charity. The charities this year being FBINAA and We Salute You Veterans. My […]

About that mystery helicopter in the Bundy Cattle Confiscation…

David Codrea had an article in The Examiner over the weekend about the FAA issuing what’s called a TFR for the Gold Butte area. A TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) is basically a domestic no fly zone, and are usually limited to things like disaster zones, Presidential/Vice Presidential visits, and rocketry. I don’t know of another […]

New Jeep!

Ever since I sold my last one, I’ve regretted it. I’ve owned two cherokees (a 93 police package and a 99) and loved them both dearly. They both developed electrical problems and due to time, money, and storage limits they had to go.

For about 6 months I’ve been looking for another one. Jeep stopped […]

Here they come again…

So… Apparently while I was busy rooting for the new knife law, one of our state senators decided to introduce a bill that would allow open carry in my state without having a permit, and that bill has passed the State Senate. Of course, apparently the house has stuck it in the finance committee to […]

Gun Porn: M99s!

After the ARFCOM shoot last month, I’ve almost got myself convinced that I should buy one of these:

And that wasn’t the only one there:

Before and after shots. Note the flap at the front of shooting mat, and the amount of grass on the shooters in the […]

Well, that was short lived

Step 1: Read this.

Step 2: Buy this:

Step 3: 15 minutes after opening the box (click to embiggen)…

Yeah, I probably had two minutes of flight before getting it stuck in the tree. The first time. Happened two more times after that before the battery died. Luckily I was smart enough to […]