Deal Alert!

If you’ve ever been interested in picking up a camping hammock, Sport.Woot is selling some for cheap today.  I bought some of the ones with the built in mosquito netting for my nephews who are in the Boy Scouts (and one for me for… uh… “testing”).  The one with the netting works for me at 6’3″, but is a little too short for me to properly lay diagonally in one.  The double sized one should work great for you if you’re tall like me, but doesn’t have the bug net.

I will warn that these are like most camping hammocks and do not come with straps or ropes to actually tie them to a tree, and if you’re wanting them for actually camping, you’ll probably also want a rain fly, which is also not included.  I’ll try to be a good blogger and to a post on my set up later.

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