Youths with spoons! The horror!

Apparently a store in merry old England had their system require an age check that thwarted a young ruffian from purchasing some tea spoons, which I’m sure would have then used them to cause mayhem.

I will have to say that the store management did apologize, and agreed that it was a bit ridiculous.  Although… why the hell were teaspoons tagged as requiring age checks to begin with?

I don’t know which is worse, the fact that the teaspoons were tagged in the first place, the fact that the clerk didn’t quickly say “this is ridiculous” and let the kid buy the damn spoons, or the fact that the mother of said terror maker stated “Knives, forks I can understand but teaspoons?”  It’s a well known issue that minors in the UK can’t be trusted with knives, but apparently forks are also highly suspect.

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