Laws are weird…

In one of the irc channels I hang out in, one of my local friends asked me for some clarification on the knife bill that’s currently sitting on Gov. Haslam’s desk waiting for his signature. Specifically, he was asking about the legality of carrying the sword cane he owns. He knew that soon to be […]

Deal Alert!

If you’ve ever been interested in picking up a camping hammock, Sport.Woot is selling some for cheap today. I bought some of the ones with the built in mosquito netting for my nephews who are in the Boy Scouts (and one for me for… uh… “testing”). The one with the netting works for me at […]


That bill to repeal the ban on buying/owning/selling switchblades and carrying blades larger than 4″ here in TN? It’s passed the State House!

So… now it’s off to the Governor’s desk to sign, and it passed with more than enough votes in both houses of the state legislature that they could override a veto if […]

Gun Porn: “Finished” 700 Edition

When I made my initial post about the ARFCOM Hometown shoot, I realized that I hadn’t posted any updates about what I did to the Remington 700 AAC-SD I bought in January, despite having taken several rounds of pictures.

Bad blogger. No cookie!

So here goes:

The first thing I did was get an EGW […]

Dear Al Gore

Please take shit with you when you leave to go back to one of your 6 houses that aren’t in Nashville.

Seriously, it’s freaking late March and it’s snowing like it’s January.

I am so sunburned…

but this was totally worth it.

AAR with pictures and a couple of videos to come later this week. Spoiler: My most recent purchase did not do so well. Kinda embarrassing, actually.

Me? Oh I was fine hittin 8″ steel plates at 650yds. With someone else’s .308.

Remember when µTorrent was, um, µ?

µTorrent 3.2.3, running for 10 days:

µTorrent 3.4, running for 12 hours:

Way to go, guys.

Daily Random

My wife is wanting me to take her to Pull-A-Part.

UPDATE: I’m being told that there is a correction to be made. This post should read “My wife wants me to go *with* her to Pull-A-Part.”

If you’re in TN, contact your state reps!

Look like the bill to remove the ban on switchblades and carrying knives over 4″ is heading to the house floor. Hopefully, they won’t have the issue that they did last year where a sheriff with PSH convinced the House that these knives were too evil and scary for the general public.

I’ve already informed […]

Youths with spoons! The horror!

Apparently a store in merry old England had their system require an age check that thwarted a young ruffian from purchasing some tea spoons, which I’m sure would have then used them to cause mayhem.

I will have to say that the store management did apologize, and agreed that it was a bit ridiculous. Although… […]