Like you and me, only better

So Franklin Police roll up on a Brent Rose, passed out behind the wheel of his car parked in the turn lane of a major thoroughfare with the engine running. When he gets out, he falls into the bushes. He blows twice the legal limit on a breathalyzer, and the officers opt not to give him a field sobriety test because they’re scared he’ll fall down and hurt himself.

When questioned, Rose tells them that he went and got drunk at one bar then drove to another, where he doesn’t remember much after that. Officers also find a 32 ounce cup full of alcohol in one of his cup holders.

Instead of arresting him, the officers called a friend and let him go.

You see, Brent Rose’s day job was up until that point being a DUI Enforcement Officer with the Franklin Police Department. That makes all this just a stupid mistake instead of the serious crime with life-altering consequences if it were one of us.

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