In case you missed it: Officer Roid Rage gets $40,000 from the City of Canton

I missed this when it happened, but here it is:

A police officer fired and later reinstated after threatening to shoot a motorist will never patrol the city’s streets again.

Daniel Harless, a 15-year veteran, will receive $40,000 from the city, a neutral employment recommendation and a retired-officer ID in exchange for his resignation as part of a legal settlement.

So in addition to the $40,000 he get’s 50 state lifetime concealed carry and the city can’t let future employers know he’s a ticking time bomb.

And this is rich:

As part of the settlement reached this week, the city has dropped its appeal of an arbitrator’s ruling that cleared the way for Harless to return to work pending medical clearance. Harless, too, will drop all claims, including a lawsuit that the city retaliated against him for applying for workers’ compensation and a grievance involving vacation and sick leave.

For those of you who don’t remember, here’s a rough time-line of how things happened:

  • Officer Harless threatens to kill a citizen during a traffic stop
  • Ohioans for Concealed Carry post video of the traffic stop
  • Internal Affairs finds¬†other cases of Harless behaving badly
  • Harless files a workers comp claim that he’s suffering PTSD from an incident in….2003
  • Canton fires Harless

Clearly those first three points had absolutely nothing to do with Canton wanting him off the force.

But, hey, at least now they’re rid of him and he can safely¬†apply for a job at a different police department.

I certainly feel safer.

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