Blood in the streets!

What happens when you have record gun sales, record new handgun permits, and fewer restrictions on where folks can carry?

How about the lowest number of murders ever recorded in a single year?

They have screaming. We have facts.

4 comments to Blood in the streets!

  • James

    Understand please, lower murder rates are happening ‘in spite of’ legally carried firearms flooding the streets, filling kindergarten classrooms, and choking peaceful places with proles carrying murder weapons. Because whatever.

    This is what the press and statists tell me.

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  • “In spite of” legal carry? Are you kidding? Please tell me you are. Because if you are not… WOW. Tell me then why EVERYWHERE that allows Constitutional freedoms to be at least partially unencumbered tend to have lower violent crime rates? Is it pixie dust and unicorn droppings? Or is it the fact that a criminal is playing the odds that they have a higher chance of meeting an armed resistance which is counter productive to finding an easy and unarmed target? Fill one hand with wish, and the other hand with a tool to prevent being victimized. Let me know which one works out for you. I would ask that you explain your logic, but there is none, So I’ll ask you to prove and justify your statement. Then again, if you were just being sarcastic and I missed it, I’ll just eat my own snark while it’s still warm.

  • DebateRight

    Disavowed, I hope warm snark tastes good.

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