Gives “Black Friday” a whole new meaning

From IRC:

16:43 Things I learned today: .300blk subsonics won’t penetrate soft body armor 16:43 really 16:44 but the body armor will deform about 4 inches into “whatever” is behind it 16:44 so, ribcage broken in many pieces 16:44 * oddball is glad he didn’t go black friday shopping with wizardpc.

This is where […]

Black Friday!

Being the crass consumerist I am, the only thing I’m buying today is this.

For me.

Because I want it.

(Meanwhile, Mrs wizardpc is braving the hordes shopping for actual Christmas presents. I’m at home with lilwizard and tacticaldog.)

What I’ve been doing instead of blogging…

Building furniture 😀

I turned these:

Into this:

When we bought this house, it had thick, blue carpet everywhere. The previous owners had cats, and all of us are allergic to some degree so we had to pull it all. We replaced the carpet on the main floor with Pergo XP flooring (because […]

So… someone took a dump in Larry Correia’s Cherrios…

Short of it is that random person emailed Larry Correia telling him that he should push his publisher to pressure Amazon to stop selling books by a now dead member of Al Qaeda. Larry responds by going on a rant about the first amendment.

I think it’s the proper response.

By the way, if you […]

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

Man decides to break into the local Masonic Lodge in the middle of the afternoon in front of a restaurant full of people. Gets attacked by K-9 units and is going to jail (after the hospital stay from the dog bites) for his troubles.


My month without a cell phone.

My parents got the family’s first cell phone in around 1994. I got a pager in 1996 around the same time I got my driver’s license (so my parents could randomly ask me where I was). In 1998, I bought my first cell phone for me, but gave it up shortly after that mostly because […]

The man who killed my friends is finally dead

Sadly, it appears it may have been due to natural causes. I can hope his medical condition was something that was long and painful, but I’m not optimistic. I’d also be okay with “shivved” or “beaten to death.”

He was on death row for almost as long as my friends were alive. He’s also the […]