The Daily Show hits it on the head

I know a bunch of you don’t particularly like Jon Stewart due to his view on gun control, and his generally leftest views, but I think he hit it out of the park last night talking about the NSA.

Those whose jobs it is to oversee the NSA are either claiming “oh… we didn’t know” (either complete BS, or complete failure to do their jobs), or, in the case of the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, not only doesn’t believe that there’s not a problem, but, and I quote, believes that “you can’t have your privacy violated if you don’t know your privacy was violated.”  Yes.  I looked up the context.  He actually believes that you didn’t do anything wrong if you don’t get caught.

By the way, Jon does blame both sides of the aisle for this one.

Oh… and his explanation of Obama’s reaction to all of this?  You have to go back to two days ago for that bit.  Apparently nobody tells Obama anything.

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  • With that peice on Obama not being told anything, Stewart et al. were blaming the GOP. See it’s because of those meanies that the President has to live in a bubble.

    Which is more telling about them for thinking that makes a viable joke than anything else.

    It’s got an interesting twist on the whole “If only Stalin knew!” trope.

    • dan

      Jack I have to disagree with you on the blaming the GOP part, I took it more about the Incompetence/aloofness of the prez, seen as there have been other instances where the Daily show has gone off on the prez in similar ways since Obama came into office. I mean I took the joke as the Prez lives in a bubble because he is an overly sensitive nincompoop rather than the GOP are the bad guys and they make him cry.

  • As a rhetorical device, being able to point to a clip of the Daily Show, especially a funny one, is very effective if you’re debating a person of a certian age and politics.

    Hence why the comedians (and the media) gave so much air support to the President. And why mockery is one of the prime Alinsky tactics.

    There’s also that the more self regard and hubris a man has the more “potential” there is for mockery.

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