Notes from the weekend

Went to the gun show with oddball. Ammo retailers had ammo at their normal “Internet +25%” prices. I think I saw two bricks of .22lr, both less than $60.

Towards the end of the show, there was a guy behind a table furiously trying to sell oddball one of these, with a forward vert grip installed. Pistol included. Only $850! Personal Sale! No paperwork! (And bonus points to the guy for suggesting that you could convert your pistol to a machine pistol, legally, just by getting a permit!)

As we walked away, shaking our heads, we came across someone selling the carbine version only two tables away. Sigh. Thankfully they only had a bluegun installed in it.

Watched Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters which is as bad as you’d expect, but not worse. I really liked that everyone had revolvers and cased ammo in the 1300s. Oh and the semi-auto shotgun and the full-auto crossbow.

Quote of the weekend goes to mrs wizardpc who said to me, “Oh yeah? Well how much do you know about the anatomy of a troll, hmmmmmm?”

And I’m almost done with the entertainment center I’ve been building out of our old stairs for the last, oh, 4 months. Never using reclaimed wood again. Also, need moar wood clamps! Next piece should be a little easier now that I sprang for a Kreg Jig

I also might be getting a new rifle soon-ish. Stay tuned.

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