Well, that’s a relief!

On Monday, I picked up tags for the WRX. When I got in the car, it stalled out on me three times. Then I got a lean condition engine code (which I was able to read and clear using the ScanGauge II I picked up several years ago). No biggie.

Well, the P0171 kept coming back. Then I started having problems with it stalling on my at stoplights, and when putting the car in neutral.

And then I noticed that I couldn’t get the turbo to go into boost.

Looking around the various forums, it appeared that it could have been one of several things, ranging from a dirty Mass Air Flow sensor to a blown up turbo.

When I was younger, and poorer, something like this would mean a weekend of troubleshooting and part-swapping. Fortunately I’m past that stage and instead I took it to a dealer. Within an hour, they’d discovered…

Vacuum leaks that they fixed for $15. There was a diagnostic fee of $115 which in a situation like this ends up being a minimum charge.

Runs like a champ.

2 comments to Well, that’s a relief!

  • Lazy Bike Commuter

    Something like 70% of the WRXs I looked at when car shopping had either recently had, or needed, an engine or transmission swap.

    This is definitely more a commentary on some of the idiots that own them* than on the quality of the cars, Subaru makes the most solid stuff out there.

    *Not you. I want one too, but can’t really justify it.

  • On the other hand, my Defender might, possibly, maybe have its new transmission in this week.

    After arriving on my doorstep… oh… two months ago.

    Yeah, you got off light ;).

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